Becoming A SAHM, Christmas Photos, New Family Budget & No NAPS (Life Update) (Blogmas Day 15)


Hey y'all! Can you believe it?


I'm doing a life update blog today, just chatting a bit with you guys about what's going on in my neck of the woods. One major thing that just happened is Isaiah turning six weeks old this past Wednesday! He's so much bigger than when he was first born- it's so cool seeing this little baby of mine grow up; It's the most magical thing. Now that he's getting bigger though for some reason this kid does not want to sleep! Is this normal for a six week old to boycot nap time during the day? It's hard to work during the day since he wants to be up and by the time the evening rolls around he's so tired he passes right out! Honestly should I even be complaining though? He is one wake up away from being able to sleep fully through the night.  It may be worth it to ask anyway, so to all my mom friends what's your best advice for getting your baby to sleep during the day because I feel like I've literally tried everything.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before on the blog but the decision has officially been made between my husband and I for me to be a stay at home mom. I'm both honored and terrified in stepping out in this new journey of having a big influence in raising my son. I just recently put together a little routine for us to do to entertain him during the day that consists of some developmental activities, tummy time practices and story reading. If you're interested in learning more about what I do with a baby allll day (and not loose my mind) let me know and I can write it right after blogmas is finished. Spending an entire day with my newborn son ain't easy but I'm so honored to have the opportunity to watch him grow up- I never get to miss a moment and for that I am grateful. Though we do have less money coming in, I feel like I've gained so much more. It also gives me more motivation to run this blog like a well oiled machine and put all of my heart and soul into making the best content for you! 

Speaking of money, we are also on a brand new budget plan that we'll be carrying on into the new year. I designed a family budget that will help save by cutting out unnecessary expenses and maximizing what we already have. Anyone interested in hearing more about it- I've been thinking that I'll do a blogpost on it sometime in January! One last thing I wanted to talk about and that's our Christmas photos that we are doing with Isaiah. I can seriously imagine it now him and his cute little bow tie from an awesome shop we love on Esty: Lilies and Lace Baby! Y'all they make the cutest bow sets and bow ties for little guys (and gals) and are currently running free shipping for orders over $50! I got two bow ties for our holiday photos and there is seriously nothing cuter than a baby in a bow tie (swoon). I'm still trying to figure out what outfits I want him to wear- I've narrowed it down to two. Has your little one taken their Christmas pictures yet? Or are you all getting family portraits done? I thought about family pictures, but if I'm already having a hard time deciding on one outfit- heaven help me with trying to figure out two more, ha!

I hope you all are having an amazing FRIDAY- Just think, next week it'll be Christmas!

Until next time,

-XO Naj