Plan Like A #MOMBOSS This New Year| 4 Specific Strategies To Help You Stick To Your Schedule (Blogmas Day 17)

 Fun fact: I was six months pregnant in this photo!

Fun fact: I was six months pregnant in this photo!

Hey Y'all!  Happy Blogmas Day 17! The next couple of posts from here on out are going to be geared towards the new year. I'm excited to kick off this topic with how to start scheduling your day and actually stick with your schedule this new year.

Do you sometimes just feel SO overwhelmed by your daily schedule? 

Life is a balancing act, and sometimes it's something you have to actively practice to get just right. If you're anything like me, you want to be a mama that can find the time in twenty four hours to get everything done (and more!) though I realized this outlook on life is omega unrealistic- I give people like us props for our ambition! Today, I put together some ways to get your time back and to show you how to plan with a purpose. This post is going to show you how to schedule your day accordingly and make the most of the time you have- most importantly, how to find a way to do MORE of what you love... who wouldn't want that??

  • First Things First, Get A Planner: Taking the time to plan out you week can be a daunting task, but having a planner not only makes the process way easier- it's something really cute to look at! I usually get my planners at Target- put there are so many different ones out there depending on what you're specifically looking for. If you don't have the money to grab a planner from the store- another option is to use a online app planner if you like having something convenient on your phone- another option that I personally like using is "Google Keep" when I just need to write a quick list of things while heading out the door.


  • Figure Out Your Schedule: When planning out my days I like to start with a process I like to call a "brain dump". Sounds gross but it totally works in getting all of the things from out of your head and onto some paper so you can see exactly HOW much stuff you have to do and WHEN you need to get it done by. Go ahead and grab some paper and a pen and start with writing down everything you need to accomplish by the end of the week. If those tasks have due dates- write those down too. If you're someone like me who works or has a event that you go to on a regular basis, do yourself a favor and write that event on top that way that will be the first thing you put down for the week. After everything I can think of is dumped down- I like to ask: "When do I want my days to start and end?" This question is something only you can answer- be mindful of the things you want to accomplish whether that's spending more time in prayer or going to the park in the afternoon with your kids... What start time and end time will accommodate the things you want to do the best? 


  • Write It Out & Stick To It: After you've written everything for the week, insert when you would like to complete the certain tasks you have to do according to the starting and ending times you have set in place. This step is probably the most important one- Be dedicated in sticking to the plan you have in place for yourself to give you the best success in making your day meaningful. You created your plan for a reason- see how it works, if it dosen't adjust to what you think will work until it does. Sometimes things happen, that's life. If you find yourself struggling- it's ok to pause and resume you're routine the next day. Don't get discouraged over hiccups, it takes time for you get get accustomed to the new routine you made!


  • Remember! Take Time For YOU: Remember that the "end time" is the time that you are stopping all "work and errand" related activities- after that time it's considered "free time" to hang out with family, watch a movie... take a nap! You did your due dilligence in working hard during your task hours, reward yourself with not picking up or thinking about work after you hit your ending time limit. I have to remind myself to unplug and spend time with those I love and it has made me a MUCH happier person in the process. 

-XO Naj