Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Hot Cocoa Kits For Under $5! (Blogmas Day 18)


Happy Blogmas Day 18!

I know I said for this last week of this series I was going to focus on writing content geared towards the new year, but I have one more Christmas post for you! If you have a few more people on your list to get a gift for and you either a) ran out of money or b) need something quick to put together because you don't have amazon prime, then this one is for you girlfriend. I too found myself in the same situation, funny enough I was reppin' both a and b in this instance! I was able to put together some hot cocoa kits for a few close friends that costed less than five dollars thanks to the dollar tree. Find out below how I put everything together and how you can create one of these kits for yourself.

When I think of Christmas I immediately think of one of my favorite things to drink (other than coffee) -hot cocoa! This popular drink is not only a tradition but a holiday necessity, bound to make anyone feel warm and cozy. I created a kit filled with a mug, hot cocoa mix and marshmallows to give out to close friends all for under $5! I can't take all the credit, the dollar tree was a huge help in making this kit a money saving success. As you may know, cute mugs can really get pricey but I found some good ones at the dollar tree already packaged with candy inside - score! I also picked up some sandwich bags that I used for the marshmallows; only spending $2 here.

Next I headed over to Target and got their .99 cent bag of jumbo marshmallows and a pack of their ghirardelli hot cocoa packets, literally a dollar each! Put it all together and you have a mug, cocoa, marshmallows and bonus candy all on the low low to give as a great gift. You can give this out to a few friends and spend way less than dishing your money out on those super expensive hot chocolate baskets. So what do you mamas think? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts! 

-XO Naj