My New Born Must Haves For 2017! (Blogmas Day 19)


Hey Y'all!

Happy Blogmas Day 19! Looking back on this year in review, I wanted to share what my favorite baby products of 2017 were since having my baby. If any of you mamas out there have a newborn or are about to give birth hopefully this list can help you on what to grab for your little one.

  • Boppy Newborn Lounger: When we first brought Isaiah home, this was the first thing we put him in. I love this pillow for its portability purposes and for the fact that it's so plush and comfortable for baby. My son was born very tiny and he was able to nestle himself comfortable in here allowing me to have a few minutes to get other things done without holding him all the time.


  • Hats & Blankets: I had no idea I would actually be using as many hats and blankets as I did but I totally recommend picking up a few of these for your baby. Babies have a hard time retaining body heat in their small little bodies. The hospital we stayed in was so drafty and I always kept my son in hat and wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket to keep him warm whether inside or outside. This may be because I gave birth in November, but if you're having your babe in the fall or winter don't forget to grab yourself a few of these.


  • Avent Soothie Pacifiers:  When I was pregnant I bought Isaiah a Wubbanub on a whim and oh my goodness I am so glad that I did. He loves the Avent soothie pacifiers and was my husband and I's saving grace in the hospital. Honestly sometimes my baby is just fussy for any given reason and giving him his soothie puts him right at ease. Love how effective and affordable they are too!


  • Burp Cloths: This is an item I didn't think I would use at all and it turns out I have one of these bad boys in every corner of our home. I use these during Isaiah's feedings, burping sessions and for uexpected spit up moments. I have a bunch because we go through them like crazy- very helpful and a HUGE laundry saver.


  • Auto Rock N' Play: Let me just say this item SAVED MY LIFE. I actually didn't use his rock n' play immediately after we came home from the hospital, he actually just started liking it recently. For some reason he's gotten into the habit of not really wanting to sleep during the day UNLESS it's in the rock n' play so putting him in this allows me to get things done. Get the auto rock n' play so you don't have to manually rock it. You can thank me later!


  • Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Cream: When Isaiah was about two weeks old he got a REALLY bad diaper rash where I had to send for help on instagram because I literally had no idea what to do 😅😅 I happen to find some diaper rash cream I picked up months before he was born and it worked wonders on his little baby booty. I later learned that this diaper rash cream has 40% zinc oxide that really helps soothe sensitive skin.


  • Playtex Vent Aire Bottles: Last but not least I have to mention these bottles! We started off at first with a super simple plastic bottle from Walmart. But we later on learned he was sucking in waaay too much air and caused him to have some serious stomach problems. We moved over to these bottles and they have helped a lot with his tummy discomfort, not too bad for pricing either- I would suggest giving these a try if your baby has been fussy from feedings.

What items have you absolutely loved during the newborn stage? I would love to hear what has worked for you!

-XO Naj