5 Small Ways You Can Put Yourself First This New Year (Blogmas Day 20)


Hey y'all- Welcome to another Blogmas post and we're on day 20! We're winding down to the end of the series and I really wanted to focus on you mama- how can we work towards becoming the best versions of ourselves in the new year? Now this is not just for us, but for our family who depend on us to help be there for them... but I'm not going to lie- sometimes that can be exhausting! Here are some simple ways you can start putting yourself first this new year- and they are totally non selfish too! 

     1. Journal Your Thoughts- When you first wake up or right before bed journal some thoughts on what exactly is on your heart. Pop in those headphones, listen to your favorite songs and go to town writing about your day and clearing your brain of all the things it may have in it. I personally love journaling and it goes great with a hot cup of coffee in my hands. It makes me feel like I'm in my own little world. I love this idea because it's the perfect 10 min getaway I need to refocus back to my daily tasks. I love pairing my journal time with bible reading. I can easily read my devotional, and jot down my thoughts about a certain verse along with how I'm feeling; I can spend time in the word, refresh my soul and renew my spirit. It's a win-win!

     2. Take A Walk- Sometimes all you need is a quiet walk in your neighborhood away from the noise and hustle. Get outside, get moving in some fresh air just by yourself. The exercise alone from walking can brighten your mood and you can multitask by turning it into a quick workout or listen to an audio book.  Right now, I'm listening to "The Best Yes" by Lysa Terkeurst on Audible and I'm loving it! Such an inspiring self help book that's absolutely perfect to take a stroll to. If you're not really into books, try a podcast- I adore Alisha Nicole and her podcast "Living Over Existing"- check it out!

    3. Do Something You Love- What is it that you like to do? Baking? Yoga? Youtube Binge Watching (or is that just me?) ? Whatever you do, make time today to do something you love. You may feel like there arn't that many hours in a day for you to do something for you. Even if you're only able to do this one thing once a month scheduled in advance- take charge of what's important to you and do it. Invest in yourself and remember to take care of who you are!

    4. Talk With A Friend- Coffee break anyone? A good friend chat is one of the best pick me ups from a hectic day. Go grab some coffee during a break at work or call up a friend during nap time and catch up. I love this quote from pinterest that says: "There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and just live a little bit better." so true!

    5. Indulge (Just A Little!)-  Go ahead and eat that ice cream, watch your favorite show, spend five extra minutes in the bathroom doing your makeup... YOU DESERVE IT. Indulge a little in the things that make YOU happy. Invest in yourself and personal growth and develop a since of worth. Spoil yourself with a treat and let loose! Not everything is going to work out exactly how you planned and not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows but remember you are a person of value and you give out to the world what you input in. Input something worthwile today, and yes that slice of chocolate cake totally counts.

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary.

- Mandy Hale 

-XO Naj