Breaking The "Super Mom" Mentality | How To Enjoy The Not- So- Perfect Days (Blogmas Day 21)


I wrote this when I was in my third trimester with my son- I hope you enjoy! In this new year remember you are an amazing mom.


An open letter to the mom who feels the need to do it all:

Dear mom (or mom-to be!), 

It's easy to get caught up and distracted from other women who seem like they have it all together. You're not alone if you feel pressured by our society to be the mom who can do it all without breaking a sweat. It's hard NOT to want to be a "super mom" I mean, who wouldn't want to do anything and everything you possibly can for your child? But there are going to be some days where the house is going to be a mess, you may not be able to make a decent meal for yourself and let's not even talk about getting a shower! As the perfectionist type accepting that this may be my one day reality is hard- especially since I see others who can do the most with such ease. I thought it would be nice to put together a blog post all about accepting the "new normal" and embracing the not so perfect days that will most definitely come your way. 

It's all in the mind.  I have to keep reminding myself of that too. I'm in my third trimester and there are days where I wonder "where the heck is all of my energy?!" I have to remind myself that I'm literally growing a human being and that can take a lot out of one person. Sometimes I get upset because I feel like I'm not productive, or that I'm not doing enough... the mind can play so many tricks on you and tell you that your rest and recuperation is not important. Should you stay in bed allllll day? No. But rest when you feel like you need rest and don't be afraid to say so. When you have a bit more energy go ahead and tackle that to do list. I'm sure many of you can relate when I say pregnancy and motherhood takes some super human strength which makes me feel a bit more awesome and less like a potato everyday.  

I love the idea of having a balance and being able to do everything I can for my family; there is nothing that brings me more joy to my heart than being a wife to my husband and a mom to our son. I don't however want to become a robot and consumed with doing it all. Have the heart to forgive yourself. Be kind to YOU.  Accept when you can't make it to that baby class or muster the strength to be fully awake during a middle of the night feeding. Some days are made for snuggles, movies and staying in your pj's and that's completely ok! I remember the memories I had during my childhood and some of my favorite ones didn't involve fancy plans, money or toys. I simply loved spending time with my mom- making even the most mundane activities have so much life. That's the kind of mom I want to be. My ambition is to take each day and make the most of it. To love my family, spend quality time with those I love and to soak up each day I have and fill it with a mindset of outpouring to those around me- that's being a super mom to me. It's not about how much you can do but about the impact your actions are making to the legacy that you call your child.

Happy Blogmas Day 21,

-XO Naj