Reflecting On 2017+ What I'm Looking Forward To In 2018! (Blogmas Day 24 & 25)


This year has been a wild one.

2017, you've been great. I've gained so much good, and have actively phased out so much of the bad. I found out about my son and gave birth to him this year alone. The love of my life  and I had made our dating relationship official and wedded this year. I took the plunge and not only became a stay at home mom- but a work at home mom blogging full time and in preparation to launch my first book next month. I have surrounded myself with positive people and chose to let go of the painful past of mine that once consumed my world. Though it was wild, I am grateful it has made me stronger. I am ready to walk into this new season with a new perspective. 

In 2018, I'm ready for adventure. I'm ready to stop doubting, and start believing in me. I'm looking forward to my book launch day and  celebrating the new chapter in my life -tackling motherhood and a career! I'm looking forward to spending more time with the people I love most and being a role model for them. I'm looking forward to working hard and being about my craft; speaking engagements, collaborations and meeting new like minded friends and cultivating new relationships on and offline.

In 2018 I'm looking forward to moving forward. Here's to not allowing fear to rule my life any longer and to step up in leadership opportunities. To put God first and become a true reflection for him. I recognized I'm blessed to be a blessing and in 2018 I want to help other up and coming bloggers what I know and learned about creating a following and social media skills. This year I'm taking time for myself, finding the things that make ME happy. I'm also going to try to discover myself more and do a bit of self reflection. 2018 I will no longer put myself or other down; the world already has enough negativity. This year I'll be wiser with finances and find effective ways to be a good steuart over what God has blessed my family with - and share those tips with my audience online!

In 2018 I'll enjoy the little moments, be present and make memories.

2018 will be my best year yet. 

-XO, Naj