Affordable Baby Clothing Haul From ThredUp + Ways To Save Money On Pricey Baby Apparel


Hey y'all!

Today I'm sharing some cute clothing items that I recently picked up from ThredUp for my little man. My baby must have hit a growth spurt  or something because he went from wearing preemie clothing to all of a sudden being able to fit into three month clothing in what seems like a single night. I depend on places like ThredUp that can provide quality clothing for a fraction of the original cost; especially since my child seems to level up sizes in a snap. If you haven't heard of ThredUp before, they are the largest thrift and consignment store online to date. Their motto is "second hand first" and believe in providing quality clothing at rock bottom prices. You'll see below that they have big name brands for kids such as Carter's, Nike, Puma and even Oshkosh to name a few. Mamas can even get in on the fun because they also offer clothing options for all sizes in women's clothing as well as shoes and accessories to swoon over. I've been a personal customer at ThredUp for quite some time and can personally say that the quality of their gently used and sometimes even brand new clothes is perfection.  

I recently made an order on December 20th and didn't have high hopes that it would make it's arrival to my mailbox anytime soon because of the holiday season. To my surprise, my clothes arrived December 26th in a perfectly packaged over sized envelope- it was like a second Christmas gift! I adore ThredUp's packaging because they use the cutest tissue paper and stickers to cover your clothing and keep it neat during shipping; it's so fun to open up. I purchased items that would be great transitional pieces from winter into spring for my son... I'm excited to show you what I found!


| Fun Spring Clothing Finds For Baby |


Joe Fresh Denim Jacket

Size: 3-6 months

Org. Price $26.99

ThredUp Price $7.99

My husband and I saw this jacket and knew we just had to get it for our little boy. The weather in Texas is unpredictable and a nice sturdy jacket can work well in the spring where we're highly prone to lots of wind and rain.


Nike Long Sleeve Onsie

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $26.00

ThredUp Price: $9.99

I was drawn to this fun onsie simply because it's Nike! It arrived like new- I couldn't even tell there was any wear on it. The material was great quality; I can't wait to see my son in this!


Baby Gap Short Sleeve Romper

Size: 3-6 Month

Original Price: $25.00

ThredUp Price: $6.99

My husband served in the army for a bit of time and anytime I see anything army related it's like, I HAVE to buy it. This is exactly what happened when it came to this romper from Baby Gap. I thought this would be cute for Isaiah to wear to church or a nice dinner out with the family- how darling!


Baby Gap Short Sleeve Onsie

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price:$15.00

ThredUp Price: $5.99

Another Baby Gap find for the win! I love neutral colors and I thought this onsie was just the sweetest. My husband and son have such a special bond and I thought this outfit was a perfect representation of that. I also liked the short sleeves on this since the spring time is also pretty warm and humid (gotta love Texas!)

26165276_10156655915400190_5513282839109561948_n (1).jpg

(Brand New!) Carter's Short Sleeve T-Shirt Set

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $24.00

Thred Up Price: $10.99

OMG GUYS! This set was marked as NWT (new with tags) and I was so excited to add this to my cart. It's marked over 54% off and is the cutest little outfit perfect for the sping time. Love it!


Old Navy Jeggings

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $15.00

ThredUp Price: $4.99

Ok, so how cute are these?! I put Isaiah in these jeggings yesterday and they fit him perfectly. I love that they look super trendy, but are so soft and stretchy so I don't mind him staying in them all day without feeling confined. Such a score!


Chick Pea Short Sleeve Onsie

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $7.00

ThredUp Price: $4.99

Grey is one of my favorite colors on my son and I love the fact that this onsie is a staple that any mama would love to have in their clothing collection.


Target Swim Suit

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $16.00

ThredUp Price: $4.99 (OMG!!)

I kid you not I LITERALLY screamed when I saw this on the website. I've been eyeing this swimsuit last summer when I was pregnant with my boy and I just couldn't afford it... I think it was around twenty dollars or so for the top and bottoms both sold separately. Anywho, the same swimsuit was on ThredUp for $4.99 for both the top and the bottoms. Yay! I can't wait for it to get warm enough for Isaiah to wear it.


(Brand New!) Disney Baby Short Sleeve Onsie

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $14.95

ThredUp Price: $5.99

I am a huge disney fan and I absolutely love this onsie from Disney Baby which was new with tags as well. I really like how it's a character outfit minus all of the cheesy colors.


(Brand New!)

Baby Gap Long Sleeve Button Down

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $25.00

ThredUp Price: $10.99

Thought this shirt would be great for the transition into spring. It's fleece lined and so soft. This was also new with tags and this mama was so happy about it!


Baby Gap Denim Shorts 

Size: 3-6 Months

Original Price: $20.00

ThredUp Price: $5.99

I didn't notice this at first, but I actually think these shorts match with the Baby Gap shirt that I picked up ( pictured above). They both have the same denim material and fleece lining so I thought that was pretty cool! These shorts are going to be a lifesaver in the warm days that will be coming around the corner for us. 


So there it is! I honestly can't say enough great things about how much I love this company. In total, retail price for all the clothing I purchased came up to a total of $134.06. Thanks to ThredUp I paid only $79.89 with tax- $84.88 which brings it to 63% rate in savings. I linked their website in the beginning of this blog, go check them out and share with me in the comments below what items you love from this haul. 


| Ways To Save Some $$$ On Baby Clothes |


Even If you don't decide to go through Thredup to get your baby clothes there are still some ways to save big on purchasing clothing items, here are some rules I absolutely live by:

  • Shop A Season Ahead: Christmas just passed and the sales are on! This is a great time to stock up on clothing, cute pj's and socks for baby for NEXT YEAR. Things are marked down rediculiously low and you can grab the things you've been eyeing all winter long for a fraction of the price.
  • Second Hand First: I love thrifting and places like Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army and even Once Upon A Child have some great clothes at decent prices. There are so many babies with clothes never worn that mamas have to give away, I can't tell you how many times I was able to find brand new clothing in one of these stores on the low- low.
  • Raid A Closet: Have any mommy friends? Do a closet swap with your kids clothing and it's like they have a brand new wardrobe for FREE. I've also seen other moms just giving clothes away that their kids don't fit, so ask your girlfriends first what items they are willing to part with!
  • Sell and Reuse: Sell your baby's clothing and reuse the money to get new things. No money is coming from your pocket and if you make a pretty penny you can go all out in finding cuter things for your babe to put on, win-win!

Happy Shopping!

-XO Naj