Baby's Winter Bath Night Routine (Blogmas Day 6)

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It's bath night!

And also Blogmas day 6!

My son isn't really a fan of baths but I try my best to make things fun for him and wanted to share with you the products I use and how I manage bathing a newborn as quick as possible (no joke). Isaiah gets a bath every other day- not sure if that's excessive but he tends to spit up which leaves his skin smelling pretty sour. We have the summer infant deluxe baby bather that I'm really liking  because it actually fits well in our tiny bathroom and dosen't take up a ton of room. Nine times out of ten Isaiah takes his baths at night as part of our night routine. If you want to see what else we do as a family in the evening read my blog about it right here!

We've been using the Aveeno Baby line on him to help moisturize his skin. We had a episode of baby acne, dry flaky skin and a diaper rash and this formula soothed it all- a little miracle in a bottle is what I like to call it. I run the water warm, God forbid if the water is cold for him. After setting him inside his sling I go ahead and get to work washing him up. I wash his hair first and then work my way down the line making sure to get the hidden places with extra soap. Nothing fancy here because honestly I'm just trying to get in and out all while having the harmonious sound of my son screaming in the background. After I take him out I wrap him up in a towel and take him to our room to get dried off. Want to know what Isaiah hates just as much as baths? Lotion massages. Yup. I don't take my time on moisturizing him either. He gets a lotion rub down from head to toe, his hair brushed and a hat put on him. I also like to add a bit of coconut oil to the mix to help keep his skin soft and hydrated to combat the coolness this time of year. I then move on to getting him a fresh diaper and we've been really liking the Huggies Little Snuggler diapers. They are SO SOFT and comforting I'm sure to have on after a traumatic bath experience I also keep the Huggies wipes on deck just in case I might have missed a spot around his diaper area I could go ahead and take care of it. 


Nothing else left to do than to get him into his comfy pj's for the night. Sometimes I do take the time to clip his nails or clean if nose if needed and I'm sure you can guess how much he loves getting that stuff done too (ha!). What baby bath products are you using on your little one for the winter? Would love to hear your routines as well, let me know in the comments below.

-XO Naj