Ice Cream, Holiday Shopping & A Fussy Baby (Storytime) (Blogmas Day 5)


Hey y'all!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5! I thought it would be cool to talk about the fun outing we had yesterday that includes ice cream, shopping and a fussy baby. Grab yourself a warm cup of something yummy and snuggle up on the couch for this fun storytime!

Yesterday my husband Shawn and I went out to the store to pick up a few things for Christmas. I'm not going to lie, we don't have much this year to go all out but with what we do have, we wanted to spend it getting something small for each other and our son. We packed up the car and headed to our local HEB Plus (a grocery store for all y'all non Texas folk out there) that not only has food but clothes, electronics, shoes and all things Christmas. To us it was the perfect place to get a few things without going crazy on our budget. My mom was ever so kind to watch Isaiah for us while we went out.  It's not that I didn't want him to come... I just didn't feel like packing a huge diaper bag and lugging it around with me. Shout out to my momma, she's the real MVP! So we get to the store and pick out our stocking stuffers for the family, grabbed wrapping paper and tape, got gifts for Isaiah and then for each other! Though we came to the store together, my husband and I split up to find each other a gift. I found his gift pretty early and bolted to the checkout line before I had the opportunity to run into Shawn. I quadrupled bagged my items so it was peek proof too! After I paid, I was waiting around for a while- Shawn was done his shopping a few minutes later and he called so I could meet him by his checkout line. I noticed what really took so long... he made a detour in the ice cream aisle! Needless to say we got a gallon of ice cream for him to eat. He still managed to pick out a gift though and had it covered in the cart so I couldn't see! After arriving back home my mom told me that Isaiah had been fuzzy the entire hour. Lately, he's been a bit more whiny and very clingy. I wasn't sure what was going on since it's not really like him to whine a lot. I later found out today he's going through his first developmental leap after checking the wonder weeks app. If you have the wonder weeks app y'all know what I'm talking about! It's a great tool for parents and I highly reccomend it if you're baby is going through a fussy phase. It just helps you know what to prepare for, understand what they are going through and you're able to learn how to help them through it. We're loving him through it with lots of cuddles - and I'm not complaining about the extra snuggles.

I posted on my Instagram a photo of the gorgeous wrapping paper we got for our gifts (pictured below). I am really into anything plaid or buffalo check this holiday season- I absolutely love it. Any who, when we got home I grabbed Isaiah and put him in the moby wrap and we got to working on wrapping our gifts (of course not in front of one another). I gotta say we had a really fun time and the gifts never looked better sitting under our tree. We have a bit more shopping to do next week and that actually reminds me that we need to get more of this wrapping paper because we ran out (haha!) Is there a holiday trend or color you are absolutely loving this season? Share with me what you're liking in the comments below! 


We ended our night with trying to get mr. fussy down to bed and my husband eating his ice cream with a fork- don't ask me why... I still have no idea why a spoon isn't good enough for him 🤣. Our Christmas movie of choice was Elf and it was a great end to a perfect day. Who else is doing thier holiday shopping now? I don't know why but i feel like I'm getting things SO LATE in the game, we only have 20 more days to go!

Until next time,

-XO Naj