Our Cozy Family Night Routine (Blogmas Day 2)


Hey y'all! Welcome to blogmas day 2! I wanted to bring something a little bit different today- I thought it would be fun to share what we do in the evenings as a new family of three!  Each day is a little different, but we generally try to stick to doing the same thing to get Isaiah used to a having a routine at night. Enjoy!

6PM- Isaiah goes down for a nap.  I use the time I have to get dinner started and the house tidied up a bit before my husband gets home from work. Sometimes I have Isaiah in the moby wrap which he LOVES to get him to go to sleep- I totally recommend it if you mamas have a baby like mines who enjoys being close to you. We turn on some soft Christmas music to fill the house and I start cooking!  Lately, I've been really liking soups, stews and casseroles for dinner. Basically anything I can make in crock pot or throw in the oven is a win win for me. Ain't nobody got time to be slaving over a hot stove. Tonight I made a potato stew for the family; and would you like to know a fun fact about us? We're vegetarians! So to fill us up I choose ingredients such as potato with a high starch content to get our bellies full. Not to mention its warm and oh so nice to eat on a chilly Texas night.

7PM- Baby is still asleep (sometimes) and by this time I'm usually getting myself ready for bed with a shower and sliding into some fresh pajamas. I love drinking hot chocolate in the evening, so I sometimes make myself a cup of that and spend some time reading my bible and journaling. Dinner is still cookin' away!

8PM- Isaiah is usually up by now- he's fed a bottle and goes straight into the bath to get cleaned up. My baby is not a fan of baths and literally screams at the sight of water so it takes some strategy to get him in and out of the tub efficiently. If you want more details on what products I use for my baby read my blog post on Isaiah's Winter Bath Routine to get all the details! After he's out of the tub we put his pj's on and settle in for the night. 

9PM- MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE NIGHT. Cell phones are off, my laptop is logged off and we can all spend some good ol' quality time together. My husband is home from work now and has some time to relax while I feed Isaiah a small bottle to "top off" for the night. He's then put to bed and my husband and I both eat dinner and clean up. Isaiah wakes up again around 11pm to eat, while he's enjoying a bottle - we all snuggle in bed together and watch a Christmas movie. We just started this tradition and I love piling into bed and cuddling up together as a family. Afterwards we swaddle little man up again, set him in his crib and  we all crash for the night!

Our routine is pretty simple but it couldn't be more perfect. What is something you and your family do together during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

-XO Naj