Creating Lasting Holiday Memories (Blogmas Day 9)


Hey y'all! Welcome to blogmas day 9!

I'm in a weird place right now where I am so excited to see my son grow up and experience new things but equally wanting to cry because I want him to be my baby forever. I never really understood this until I became a parent myself, but kids really do grow up fast. Too fast. I feel like it was just yesterday I was bringing my son home from the hospital and now here we are five weeks into life together and I can't help but wonder where he's been my entire life. This Christmas to me will be the only one where he's a baby- his next Christmas I'll have a toddler on my hands! In just twelve months I would have the honor of seeing him grow and learn new things- something I'm both ready and not ready for. 


I find myself wanting to take pictures all the time to grasp hold of a moment that I know won't last forever- there will come a time where he'll be too big for me to hold and too heavy to carry. That's why I am really soaking up every day of this holiday season focusing on creating lasting holiday memories. Pictures, journal entries, mementos I pick up along the way... I want to remember it all. This post isn't anything fancy, but I really wanted to take the time to share my heart. To all you mamas out there with babies that are growing up way too fast- take the time to hug em' a little tighter, snuggle up with them a little more and embrace the chaos. I never knew how much of a joy it is to see your child grow up and yet break your heart at the same time knowing you will never get these special moment back again. For this holiday, I want to be present, appreciating the gift God has given to my family and I.

-XO Naj