Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Easy Coconut Vanilla Cupcakes


Hey Y'all!

Love is in the air with Valentine's day right around the corner, I am thrilled to be sharing my first recipe blog today. I'm no Betty Crocker but I do love to make simple but yummy things for my family and friends to enjoy. A few years ago, I never liked to cook but now I can't stay away from the kitchen! I whipped up these cupcakes that didn't cost a bunch to make and my family loved them. I think this would be a great idea to give to your mama friends if you don't have a ton of money as a gift. Nothing says "Love ya girl!" than a sweet treat. He'res what you'll need...




- 1 boxed Vanilla cake mix ( some of them are as low as a dollar!)

- Buttercream Frosting 

- Sweet Coconut Shavings 

- Fresh Strawberries

- Festive Cupcake Liners

Prepare the boxed cake mix per the instructions, for me this made almost two dozen cupcakes which as more than enough to pass around to all of my friends. Be sure to pick a cute cupcake liner to fill the batter up with. I think that really makes the cupcake cute for the occasion. Bake at the recommended time and set aside to cool once they are done. At this time I went ahead and put my frosting in the fridge at room temp to allow it to firm up to frost the cupcakes. I found a ziplock bag in my kitchen pantry and made myself a makeshift piping bag to apply the frosting to the cupcakes!

Once those were frosted, this is where the real fun started! I decided to sprinkle sweet coconut flakes and a sliced strawberry on top to give it a element of freshness. Since this was a boxed cake, I wanted to get a little creative and put something on top that would really give it that homemade feel. You can experiment with so many flavors to top it off with from cherries to chocolate. I was even thinking of adding some sprinkles too! Though this is a relative easy recipe, taking the time out of your day to let someone know you care would really brighten their day! Hope you enjoy- I had three of these bad boys!