Baby Products I Regret Buying (0-3 Months)


Hey, Y'all!

Today I'm sharing some of my biggest baby buy FAILS with you all. I could seriously cry at the fact that I spent a ton of money on baby items I seriously didn't even need. Majority of these items I bought before I even had my son, so if I could give you one piece of advice right off the bat is that if you're wondering if you should buy a certain baby item, try to wait until your baby is here before you do!  I do want to throw a disclaimer out there and say that the items I listed are what didn't work out for me personally. If you love some of these things- that's totally fine. I am in no way trying to be offensive, just sharing my experiences. :)

 Now that that's out of the way, let's get into it!



Products I Wish I Never Bought...  


1. Breast Pump- My biggest baby regret purchase. I had every intention to breast feed my son when he was born, but it just didn't work out. I bought my breast pump brand new from Target for over $200 and only used it twice. It's currently collecting dust in my closet because I couldn't return it!

2. Nursing Supplies- I also have nursing items currently collecting dust in my closet as well. I bought breast pads, nipple cream, vitamin D drops, breast milk storage bags... even milk supplement tea! Never used any of it and that stuff was so pricey! 

3. Footed Pajamas- When my baby was born, he was just a tiny 5lbs and 11oz bundle of love. He's three months now and has sprouted like a weed! More length wise than width wise. He outgrew all of his footed pajamas in the 0-3 month size by the time he was two months old. I wish I never bought footed pajamas because he had some really cute (and definitely not cheap) ones he could still fit beside the fact that his toes were crushed against the seems. This one may just be because I have a tall baby but I probably won't be getting any more footed pajamas for him. 

4. Huggies Baby Wipes- We love our Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, I just HATE Huggies wipes! They are so rough, even for me - I can't imagine how they feel on a baby booty! Too bad I bought an entire case when I was pregnant only to realize I didn't like them. I have enough of these wipes to last me until March of this year. After they are gone, I'm going back to Target wipes!

5. Baby Bath Sling- I have the summer infant deluxe baby bather and I thought I liked it, turns out I don't. My baby slides all over this thing. At first, I thought it was because he was too small, but I recently tried it again and he is still not comfortable with it. I think if I was to do it all over again, I would stick with sink baths and would have never purchased this. I may just do that until he can sit up and take baths in our bathtub. 

6. Decorative Crib Pillows- Literally sitting in my closet. They were so cute to have in his crib before he was born, but now I never have them in there because it's a hazard while he sleeps. Totally not necessary!

7. Bottle Warmer- This was so handy until I discovered I can make my sons bottles with warm water...

8. Parents Choice Bottles- These are the Walmart brand bottles. If you're trying to save a few dollars I guess these were ok, but they gave my son such bad gas because he would swallow air bubbles! I switched to the Playtex Vent Aire bottles soon after and love them. 

Any baby items you regret buying?

Let me know below!