3 Mama Podcasts That Will Fuel Your Soul


Hey, Y'all!

So lately I've been really into podcasts and I have a few I thought other mamas may be interested in knowing about. I try to use every second of my time to always deposit positive and uplifting content and take some much-needed self-development time for myself. I love hearing inspiring messages through my headphones while washing dishes or driving through town.  The best part is most of them are not too long so I can binge listen for twenty minutes for some amazing inspiration. Check out some of my favorites below! All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes. 

Risen Motherhood

With Laura Wifler + Emily Jensen 

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I recently discovered the ladies over at risen motherhood and they are one of my favorites that I listen too! Thanks to a fellow blogging mama for introducing them to me, I enjoy tuning in and hearing some inspiring topics from them all about raising kids from a Christian perspective. Raising Isaiah with our Christian faith in the forefront is extremely important to my husband and I'm loving learning all I can to help his knowledge and faith grow as he gets older! 


Living Over Exsisting

With Alisha Nicole

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If you're looking for a podcast to help you stay encouraged as a creative, look no further than the "Living Over Existing" podcast! Alisha holds powerful interviews with the industry's leading women to help empower creatives from writers to designers to be the best version of themselves. I love Alisha's transparency and how honest she is with her own personal struggles with fear, doubt, and discouragement in this highly competitive field; she's so relatable! She's the author of some great books as well as a really helpful blog- go check her out!  


The Influencer Podcast

With Julie Solomon 

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If you are an influencer or looking to be one, YOU NEED THIS PODCAST IN YOUR LIFE. Julie Solomon is an NYC publisher turned marketing coach uploading new episodes of her show every week. She sits down and shares game-changing tips on how to grow on Instagram, connect with brands and be a leading force in this industry. I love tuning in and hearing all the knowledge she has to share. This podcast is a MUST.

What shows are you listening too? I'm always looking for new ones. Let me know below!